The Bones Brigade Audio Show

Of course it’s a Bones Brigade podcast!

I just texted him this and thought it would be better served in an early review. I can’t write this without first saying what anybody who knows him would say; Larry Ransom does everything wholeheartedly and with the utmost enthusiasm and positivity. He is all you could ask for in a great guy.

When you want to reminisce on the kinds of things that are so engrained in your childhood and a formative part of your adulthood you want authenticity. I GUARANTEE you that there is NOBODY ELSE who can bring you every last authentic detail of these videos and this time period in general. If he can’t have you mentally back in time picking pebbles out of your elbows NOBODY can. No offense against Matt and I’m looking forward to hearing him as well but Larry Ransom can probably tell you what stickers Tommy Guerrero had on his board in Police Academy: Citizens on Patrol.

If you care at all about this part of skate history, he’ll even if you don’t, do yourself and listen. It will be fun and it will be crucial. No question.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to listening!

March 7, 2022 by incircles on Apple Podcasts

The Bones Brigade Audio Show