June 14, 2022

WATCH: Craig Stecyk's Colby Poster Documentary Short Film

In episode 008 of The Bones Brigade Audio show we briefly mention the use of Colby Posters in The Search For Animal Chin, Public Domain and Ban This. Here is a documentary short directed and narrated by Craig Stecyk about the Colby Poster Printing Company.

Until its doors closed on December 31, 2012, the family-run Colby Poster Printing Company made the letter-pressed signs, posters, billboards and showcards that were a ubiquitous feature of the visual landscape of Los Angeles.

For three generations, promoters of boxing bouts, rodeos, reggae concerts and literary-minded visual artists were drawn to the swift graphic science of the dayglo poster. Its essential purpose was to quickly and efficiently convey information to viewers zooming along the autoscape. The durability was a byproduct: posters still hang on telephone poles and chainlink fences from Venice to Las Vegas, months and years after their commissions.

In this short documentary, C.R. Stecyk III visits the company to make one last print, and to expound on its enduring appeal to anyone who ever wanted to leave a mark of their own in the city of signs.

Narrated by C.R. Stecyk III.

Directed by Felipe Lima & C.R. Stecyk III.