May 14, 2023

BBAS032: Chaos (Part 1) with guest Jim Fitzpatrick

BBAS032: Chaos (Part 1) with guest Jim Fitzpatrick
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On this mind-melting episode of The Bones Brigade Audio Show, Matt and Larry welcome back, friend of the show, recently-inducted Skateboarding Hall of Famer and Powell-Peralta alum Jim Fitzpatrick, to discuss 1992's Chaos! Along with being one of our most-requested return guests and an unrivaled wealth of knowledge, Jim was an integral figure in the production of this video, serving in multiple roles as producer, director, cameraman, and editor. If you listened to our Ban This trilogy, you'll surely know that Jim is not one to hold back on the stories- and believe us, there are some doozies in here. Crank up the volume and buckle in for a chay-otic ride as the BBAS crew dive into yet another bygone 'Brigade classic. Good times are guaranteed, so cook up some potatoes and join us, shall you?

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