Jan. 22, 2023

BBAS024: Eight with guest Brian Fair

BBAS024: Eight with guest Brian Fair
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Welcome back to the show! This week, the BBAS crew are dipping their toes- ever so slightly- into skateboarding’s mythical “new school” era, with an in-depth review of Powell Peralta’s often overlooked 1991 video Eight! Times they were a-changin’ in the early nineties, and Eight truly marks the end of an era for Powell, with several key team riders either left out of the video entirely or showcasing their final parts with the company as new brands, trends, styles and attitudes began to overwhelm the skateboarding status quo at an alarming rate. Joining Larry and Matt in the studio to tackle this beast is none other than Brian Fair, dreadlocked and grammy-nominated vocalist for the legendary bands Shadows Fall and Overcast- and certified lifelong skate rat of the highest order. Is there more to this video than Mike Frazier? Where are the skits? Where are the song lyrics? Is there anything Cab *can’t* do in the San Jose warehouse? As always, there’s only one way to find out- so preheat your oven to 425 degrees, toss in a tray of Mike McGill’s breaded fish sticks and join us, shall you?

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