Dec. 11, 2022

BBAS021: Chuck Treece (Intelligence Report Vol. 4)

BBAS021: Chuck Treece (Intelligence Report Vol. 4)
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The fourth installment of The Bones Brigade Audio Show Intelligence Report is here, and we’re welcoming an absolute giant in the world of skateboarding into the fold- for joining Matt and Larry in the studio is none other than the legendary Chuck Treece! A ripping skateboarder and musical prodigy of near-mythical status, Chuck was responsible for soundtracking some of the most famously influential segments in skate video history, from the Rubber Boys to the L.A. Boys to all points in between. Listen in as Chuck recalls the stories behind the songwriting, the bands, the studio sessions, the skate sessions, and much more. Is his ship underwater? On the water? As always, there’s only one way to find out- so join us, shall you?

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