Sept. 18, 2022

BBAS015: Attack with guest Ed Syder

BBAS015: Attack with guest Ed Syder
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Welcome back to The Bones Brigade Audio Show! This week, Larry and Matt sit down with UK-based artist Ed Syder to chat about yet another video that has flown mostly under the radar of the skateboarding public at large- the 1989 Stacy Peralta/Tim Simenon video, Attack. Alternately known as Skate Attack, or Videola, or Attack Videola, this short oddity of a video didn’t see a US release but made a big splash across the pond, mashing together tons of amazing unseen Powell Peralta video footage with a late-eighties dance club soundtrack and rapid-fire editing. A skate video? An art project? A test of human endurance? You decide! We also talk with Ed about his new Thrasher t-shirt design about to drop, and dip into the mailbag to hear what you, the listeners, have for us this week. Join us, shall you?

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