Sept. 4, 2022

BBAS014: Kathryn Stanleigh (Intelligence Report Vol. 2)

BBAS014: Kathryn Stanleigh (Intelligence Report Vol. 2)
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Petite sophistication- indelible elegance! And, for you debutantes, we bring you the second installment of The Bones Brigade Audio Show Intelligence Report! This week, Larry and Matt sit down for a chat with the one and only Kathryn Stanleigh- better known to skate rats the world over as Ms. Kathryn, Powell Peralta Fashion Simulator Model 36C-7XI. Kathryn joined us in the studio to give us the details of her legendary performance in Axe Rated and Public Domain, her early years as a stage and film performer, and what she’s been up to since shooting wrapped. In addition, we’ll be throwing in our two cents on the new Powell Peralta Dragon wheels, checking out some letters from the mailbag, daring to be different, and spending to pretend- so join us, shall you?

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