July 10, 2022

BBAS010: Daniel Gesmer (Intelligence Report Vol. 1)

BBAS010: Daniel Gesmer (Intelligence Report Vol. 1)
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This week we are rolling out a brand new feature here at the Bones Brigade Audio Show: the Intelligence Report series! Intelligence Reports are standalone interview episodes that we will be interspersing with our usual video review episodes in an effort to bring you, the wall-jammer, more content and fun things to fill your ears with. To that end, we could not be more excited to bring you our first ever BBAS:IR guest, the one and only Daniel Gesmer! Daniel has what is undoubtedly one of the most memorable parts in any Powell-Peralta video, albeit for reasons that are quite different from most other memorable skate video parts. Dan sat down with Larry and Matt to talk in great detail about how his feature in Public Domain came to be, his background and passion for freestyle skateboarding, his contest days, and his current gig developing high-end skateboard products for his company, Seismic Skate Systems. In addition to that, we’ll be reading some letters from the mailbag and checking out a brand new tune from Mike Vallely’s latest music project. So glide and turn on over to your favorite internet radio station, pop on your headphones and join us, shall you?

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